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Landscaping Clean Up Tips

If you’re planning to get the right landscape design for your home or business, then you’re on the right track. After all, what’s a home without the right blend of flowers, trees, and beautiful plants?

You may have the most exotic and rarest species of plants in your yard, but if they look like a bush then there’s no use of keeping them in your home. As we all understand there’s a big difference between a forest reserve and a good landscaping.

Keeping your plants and trees in great shape is important so the next time you invite your friends over they won’t think they’re in the middle of a jungle. For this reason, it is important to do some landscaping clean up regularly.

How to Clean Up Your Landscape Plants

Determine the best time for you to do the plants cut off and cleaning all the stuff up. For most people, a Saturday or a Sunday is usually the best day. Then gather all the tools you would need for the job. Some of these tools include a pair of shears, gloves, a rake, metal garbage bin, and spades.

Things to Do When Doing a Landscaping Clean Up

  • - Pick up sticks and leaves. With a shredder/chipper you can convert this debris into useful compost or mulch. For garbage which you can’t mulch, just throw them away into the garbage bin or rent a dumpster if you have a big volume of useless tree parts and leafs.
  • - Prune diseased or dead limbs from shrubs and trees. This will provide the healthy ones more opportunities to grow and look perfectly.
  • - Put some more layers of mulch to the garden beds and paths.
  • - Add more containers with new flowers or foliage plants.
  • - Make some enclosures for your trash cans and utilities.
  • - Power wash, and if necessary, seal hard surfaces such as walks, driveways, patios, and fences.
  • - Check your hoses for leaks.
  • - Clean the windows and gutters
  • - Repair gates, trellising, and many more
  • - Clean and sharpen gardening tools. Then dry and oil them.
  • - Look out for early season weeds. The earlier you treat them, the better.

If you need to remove big tree, have a big volume of leafs or garden garbage – call our experts at 206-316-2530 and ask for a consultation. It can happen so, that renting a dumpster for all this stuff removal will be cheaper that using your car or truck for this.

Making Your Home Clean and Beautiful

waste bin

The final step is to make your home clean and beautiful. You might need to hire the services of a dumpster company to help you throw away all your wastes. Remember not to burn flowers, tree branches, and plants as this is not allowed in most cities. Allow a rental dumpster provider to handle this waste for you. Contact the right firm and let their dumpsters take away all the debris from your property.

Contact our company and our dumpsters take away all the debris from your property.

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